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Trello is a task management tool built by (who else?) a Danish software company named "Trello". Mindfulness Podcasts | This podcast aims to support people in finding a way to centre, relax and meditate. Each episode features something different, from mindfulness to guided meditations, body scan to slow, mindful movement, relaxation to sleep.Q: How can I record which, if any, items in a UserForm are selected, or clicked? I am developing a UserForm in Access for an app where I am recording a customer's order details. The order form allows the customer to select the quantity of various items they require. One of the items they can select is a quantity field which is an indicator of whether or not the item has been selected. I want to record the customer's selections in a log so that I know whether the customer has selected an item, as I want to be able to process each customer's order based on their selection. I have set up a form with a combobox, and a text box as below: How do I record the selections of the customer? My code to record the order: Option Compare Database Option Explicit Public Item As Variant Public CustomerID As Long Private Sub cmdAddNew_Click() Set dbs = CurrentDb Dim i As Long Dim i1 As Long Dim i2 As Long Dim i3 As Long Dim i4 As Long Dim i5 As Long Dim i6 As Long Dim i7 As Long Item = Me.cboItem.Value CustomerID = Me.txtCustomerID.Value MsgBox "Item" & vbNewLine & Item & vbNewLine & "Customer" & vbNewLine & CustomerID dbs.Execute "INSERT INTO tbl_CustomerItems ([CustomerItem], CustomerID) VALUES ( " & CustomerID & "," & Me.txtCustomerID.Value & ");" Me.lblInsertDate.Caption = Format(Now, "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss") dbs.Close Set dbs = Nothing End Sub A: You can use the ListEvents procedure, as described in the docs here. Your Form Code: Private Sub Form_Load



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0soundafspes6 (Updated 2022)

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